Pizza 10″ or 12″

1.Cheese 15.00 18.00

2.Pepperoni  15.00 18.00

3.Pepperoni, Mushroom 16.00 19.00

4.Back Bacon, Mushroom 16.00 19.00

5.Pepperoni, Olive 16.00 19.00

6.Back Bacon, Pineapple 16.00 19.00

7.Pepperoni, Back Bacon 16.00 19.00

8.Pepperoni, Back Bacon, Mushroom 17.00 20.95

9.Pepperoni, Mushroom, Green Pepper 17.00 20.95

10.Special (Pepperoni, Back Bacon, Mushroom, Green Pepper, Onion, Shrimp) 18.95 21.95

11.Back Bacon, Olive 16.00 19.00

12.Back Bacon, Onion 16.00 19.00

13.Mexican (Salsa, Beef, Onion, Banana Pepper, Jalapeño, Cheddar) 18.95 21.95

14.Spinach, Feta, Olive, Fresh Tomato 18.95 21.95

15.Beef, Onion 16.95  19.95

16.Veggie (Mushroom, Onion, Pepper, Olive, Spinach, Fresh Tomato, Cheddar) 18.95   21.95

17.All Meat (Pepperoni, Beef, Italian Sausage, Donair Meat, Back Bacon)  18.95   21.95

18.Carlito’s (Chicken, Artichoke, Red Pepper, Roasted Garlic) 18.95   21.95

19.4 Cheese (Cheddar, Mozzarella, Feta, Parmesan Sprinkle) 18.95   21.95

20.La Diva (Roasted Zucchini, Red Pepper, Squash, Garlic, Spinach, Parmesan Sprinkle)18.95   21.95

21.Smoked Meat, Onion 16.00   19.00

22.Greek (Donair Meat, Feta, Onion, Cooked Tomato)18.95  21.95

23.BBQ (BBQ Sauce, Chicken, Onion, Red Pepper)18.95  21.95

24.Matt’s Pizza (BBQ & Hot Sauce, Chicken, Bacon, Mushroom, Pineapple, Banana Pepper)18.95   21.95

25.La Marie (Garlic, Back Bacon, Onion, Green Olive, Cooked Tomatoes)18.95   21.95

26.Garlic Cheese Stick (Comes with Carlito’s Dipping Sauce; Sweet, Ranch or Spicy Ranch) 15.95

Extra Cheese 2.00   3.00
Extra Topping 1.50   2.00
Homemade Dipping Sauce: Ranch, Spicy Ranch, Sweet or Marinara 1.25

Bacon, Back Bacon, Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, Smoked Meat, Donair Meat, Ground Beef, Chicken, Shrimp, Anchovies

Onion, Green Pepper, Red Pepper, Tomato, Mushroom, Black and Green Olive, Spinach, Garlic, Jalapeño, Pineapple, Artichokes, Banana Pepper

Free on 10″ Pizza Only


Includes your choice of Homemade Fries or Salad(House, Caesar or Tossed)
**Add 1.50 to substitute for Greek Salad , Roasted Veggie Salad or Onion Rings.**
Substitute Poutine for $2.25

Hamburger 16.25

Cheddar Burger 17.25

Bacon & Cheddar Burger 17.75

Mushroom & Cheddar Burger 17.75

TNT Burger (Hot Sauce, Cheddar, Jalapeño and Banana Pepper)  17.75

Chicken On A Bun(Lettuce, Tomato and Cranberry Mayo) 17.75

Special Burger (Fried Onion, Mushroom & Back Bacon, Mozzarella and Pizza Sauce) 18.50

A Little Bit of Everything

**Add 1.50 to substitute for Greek Salad , Roasted Veggie Salad or Onion Rings.**
Substitute Poutine for $2.25

Montréal Smoked Meat (Dijon or Regular Mustard) 15.95

Club House (Mayo, Tomato, Turkey, Bacon, Cheddar Cheese and Lettuce) 16.95

Hot Hamburger (Topped with Gravy) 16.95

Fish & Chips 17.95

Chicken Donair (Sweet or Tzatziki Sauce) 15.95

Beef Donair (Sweet or Tzatziki Sauce) 15.95

B.L.T. with Cheddar Cheese 15.95

Grilled Cheese 5.50

Grilled Back Bacon and Cheese 6.50


Spaghetti (With Homemade Meat Sauce, Comes with Garlic Toast) 15.25

Baked Spaghetti (With Homemade Meat Sauce, Comes with Garlic Toast) 17.25


Poutine 9.95

Italian Poutine(With Homemade Meat Sauce 10.95

3 Cheese Poutine (Curd or Mozzarella, Cheddar and Feta) 10.95

Veggie Poutine(Fried Onion, Green Pepper and Mushroom) 10.95

Galvaude (Poutine with Chicken and Green Peas) 10.95

Poutine with Bacon 10.95

Poutine with Italian Sausage 10.95

Poutine with Smoked Meat 10.95

Meat Lovers Poutine (Bacon, Sausage and Beef) 10.95

Poutine with Pepperoni 10.95

Mexican Poutine (Italian Sausage, Jalapeño and Banana Pepper) 10.95

Add Fried Onion 1.00 / Add Extra Cheese 2.00 / Large Poutine 3.50


Home-cut Fries  5.95

Home-cut Fries with Gravy 6.95

Veggie Spring Rolls (4) (Sweet Chili Sauce)  6.95

Onion Rings 6.95

Nuggets (6) (Sweet & Sour Sauce)  6.95

Pita & Tzatziki (Homemade Tzatziki)  7.95

Chicken Wings (Hot, Salt & Pepper, Sweet Chili, BBQ, Honey Garlic, Sweet & Sour)  14.95


Tossed Salad (Lettuce, Tomato, Onion,Cucumber, and Japanese Dressing) 8.25

House Salad (Lettuce, Cucumber, * Tomato, Cheese, Peppers, with Dill, Yogurt’n Honey Dressing) 9.25

Caesar Salad 9.25

Greek Salad 9.95

Roasted Veggie Salad (Squash, Red, Pepper, Zucchini, Garlic, and Feta Cheese, on Lettuce and Spinach, Ginger Dressing) 10.25

Add Chicken  4.75
Add Cajun Chicken  4.25
Add Chipotle Mango Chicken 4.25


Homemade Maple Cake (Famous Pudding Chômeur) 6.95

Caramel and Chocolate Cake 6.95