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Discover the explosion of flavour that is Lava Pizza, nestled in the serene embrace of Banff National Park. Our hidden gem within a cozy hotel is not just a meal, but an experience, a revelation, a dance of earth’s elements and culinary artistry.

Imagine four luxurious cheeses – Mozzarella, Ricotta, Provolone, and Feta – each a flavour sonnet encased in a golden, handcrafted crust. The cheeses swell and meld as it bake, a harmony of flavours composing an unforgettable symphony.

With the first slice, witness the awakening; cheese, liquid gold, flows like lava, marrying the elements of fire and earth. Every bite promises an odyssey to the core of indulgence, where silken cheese and crafted crust unite.

Amidst the raw majesty of Banff, the Lava Pizza emerges. It’s an experience as elemental as the mountains, an embrace of the wild, and the refined. Venture to the cusp of wilderness and luxury, and let the Lava Pizza redefine your journey.